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Need for Speed Pro Street PC Download Full Version

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Download Need for Speed Pro Street

This one is the 11th installment of the need for speed series where EA development team come up with the amazing changes in the graphics, visual effects, sounds and other areas. The biggest factor in video game is adding the playing modules and stages with fresh ideas and creativity that allure the players and keep their interest. This street race is quite different from the other street races of the NFS where the racers only race in closed tracks. However, there are several other tracks and stages available to be played such as drag racing, Grip races, speed challenge races, drift and top speed run races. It only depends on the racer that how he/she perceive the idea of racing and how they overcome the hurdles.
The team of EA made efforts in making challenging changes and development in the game to make it better. However, there are several new features have been added as the player has complete liberty to choose the car or customize the car or choose the new location and weapons. However, still there is a space of development in the section of graphic to make it more resemble to real life experience.
How to play:
No modification and alterations have been made on the game play setting ensuring that players who had played the game will not face any trouble.

Released: 2007
Published & Developed: Electronic Arts, Inc.
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 & 3, PlayStation Portable
Genre: Racing / Driving / Action

Need for Speed Pro Street Free Download


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